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The Wolf Pen Gap ATV trails are currently being reviewed and worked on by the U.S. Forest Service and the local ATV clubs.  They are considering the closing of some of the worst trails as far as causing erosion problems etc.  There will be additional meetings where the public will have an opportunity to learn more about the issues and give their input.  At this point there are really only two options, we either work with the Forest Service to remedy the issues or the trails will be closed.  There is some glimmer of hope that if we are able to make the needed corrections and help build the "model" trail system from what we have now, that we could see some additions to the system in the future.

The Wolf Pen Gap ATV trails are well known among outdoor enthusiasts.  Located approximately 8 miles east of Mena Arkansas, the Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex is a part of the Ouachita National Forest and is regulated and maintained by the Forest Service.  There are four trailheads aligned with the four points of the compass.  To go to the West Trailhead, tGroup at Wolf Pen Gap Trailsravel east of Mena on 8 east for 1 mile to Arkansas 375, then south 8 miles to the trailhead near County Road 277.  For the South Trailhead continue south on Arkansas 375 to the trailhead on the Left.  The North Trailhead is east of Mena near Board Camp.  Take Arkansas State Highway 8 east from Mena to  Polk County Rd. 61, travel 3.5 miles, turn right at the sign, go 1/2 mile to the trailhead.  The last trailhead is the East Trailhead and is most easily found by taking Hwy 8 east about 20 miles (about 1 mile east of Big Fork), turn right on Polk County Rd. 83 (Forest Road 38), travel 5 miles to the East Trailhead.

If you enjoy being outdoors with your family on your ATV's whether it be a four wheeler, side by side, motorcycle, utility vehicle, ATV, OHV, or what ever you have or call it, this is the place to be.

There are approximately 35 miles of loop trails in the Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex.  The trailhHigh Point look out at Wolf Pen Gap Trailseads have vault toilets and room to park your ATV trailers.  Some of the trails aren't for the timid or inexperienced.  There are three designated helipads within the Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex that are used on a frequent basis by primarily Air Evac EMS, Inc for the transportation of enjured riders.  It is recommended that protective equipment be worn while riding the trails and that caution be exorcised when riding unfamiliar trails.  Thousands of people visit and ride the trails each year without mishaps.  Here is a link to a video produced by AETN about the trails Video

The map Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex is available here Map.  The trail system has been renumbered to make it less confusing.  There are no more 3A, 3B and such. Main trails are single digit, with the odd numbers being north & south trails and the even numbers being east & west trails. Dead end trails end in zero, with the exception of trail number 4, it ends at the mine shaft now, but plans are to extend it west to join trail 6. Triple digits trails are connecting trails and start with the trail number they leave and end with the trail that they connect to, example trail 816 connects trails 8 & 6.



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