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2003 Rod Run

2003 Open Car Show

The Mena Arkansas area has been the location of the Wilhelmina Rod Run for 32 years.  It was first held on Rich Mountain at Queen Wilhelmina State Park for several years on Labor Day weekend but was later moved to the weekend before Labor Day.  Due to the requests that it be returned to Labor Day weekend it was moved down the mountain to Mena Arkansas for several years.  The first year at Mena, the Rod Run was held at the Mena Elks Club grounds but was then moved to Janssen Park.  In 2002  it was decided to move it back to Queen Wilhelmina State Park even though it couldn't be held on Labor Day weekend.  It will be held on August 24-25 in 2007.

In October of 2003 the first Mena Arkansas Open Car show was held in Janssen Park in Mena.  It was quite a success for the first show.  In 2004 it will be held June 4-5, it features cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  You can contact American Performance for more information  at .

Mena Arkansas is well known for it's association with automobile restoration, customization, and racing.

One of the best known local automobile related businesses is Brodix, Inc. with dealers and customers all around the globe.  Brodix aluminum heads, intake manifolds, and aluminum engine blocks are used by top race teams all around the world.

Brodix was created after J.V. Brotherton (the Bro) married Paula Dix whose family owned the Dix Foundry (the Dix) in Mena Arkansas.  J.V.'s hobby of racing automobiles led him to start making heads for the racing industry.  After many attempts to create a head that met his expectations he was finally successful in the early 70's and as they say the rest was history.

The following is a quote from J.V. Brotherton

"BRODIX has enjoyed many successes over the years in every form of auto racing. Many, many records, championships, and titles have been won with BRODIX products. With the blend of old and new ideas, the future looks bright. Continuous research and development is a way of life at BRODIX."  J.V. Brotherton, President of Brodix, Inc.

Another well known business among street rod and performance enthusiasts is Street & Performance.  They manufacture and distribute a wide range of performance and aesthetic items used by some of the top custom builders of street rods across the country as well as do it yourself builders.  Their parts are regularly featured in several magazines.  They supplied an engine that was used in restoring a '56 Chevy on American Hot Rod on the Discovery Channel.  Street and Performance is one of the primary sponsors of the Rod Run each year.

American Performance located in Mena sells a full line of Classic Car and Performance related apparel.  They are the primary sponsor of the Mena Arkansas Open Car Show.

 There are several other small shops around the Mena area producing various aftermarket parts for restoration or customization.

If you have a business related to the restoration, customization, or modification of automobiles or motorcycles and would like to be mentioned here or have a paid ad on the page please contact me at

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